Feeling Hot Hot Hot

I lived in the southern hemisphere for the majority of my life, so naturally, I love summer and the heat....

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Groundhog Day

Beep beep, beep beep… It’s 7:30am when the alarm goes off. Hang on a minute, let’s try that again. Papaaaaaaaa,...

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Generation Y Not

In our parents’ generation if a man hit 50 and left his job for something entirely different, it was said...

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I Love Paris

Spring has finally come. The weather is balmy but not too hot, everyone is riding their bicycles again and people...

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Confucius Says

The last time I was in Sydney to visit my family, my grandmother commented to me that she thought I...

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Principles, they’re a wonderful thing, aren’t they? We all have them, we all swear by them, we all break them...

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Let it go

About two years ago, Juliette discovered Frozen. She was quickly bedazzled, as if Disney had its own magical power it...

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Poisson rouge

When I was pregnant the first time, I became forgetful. I was told that I was experiencing “baby brain”, an...

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Be my wingman

Over time I have had a number of discussions about the difference between working mums and stay at home mums....

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Maman Poule

When my son started walking, I wanted to tell anyone who would listen, but contented myself with uploading a short...

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