Poisson rouge

When I was pregnant the first time, I became forgetful. I was told that I was experiencing “baby brain”, an allegedly common phenomenon suffered by pregnant women everywhere. Passing problem, or so I thought. After Juliette was born the situation did not improve. Suddenly I had to register all sorts of important information about her, on top of things about every other aspect of life that I was already trying to save to the hard drive. Extreme measures had to be taken: I resorted to making lists. My iPhone now harbours my entire life’s to do’s. If it dies, I will immediately freeze like Anna at the end of Frozen, and not know what to do with myself. My brain also developed a response and started automatically deleting information to create space for new data. The only problem is that instead of deleting useless information, like 90’s top hits lyrics, it picks at random and sometimes deletes things that are actually important (hence the notes). I can’t tell if I’m just not concentrating hard enough, or if there’s simply too much information to recall it all. My husband calls me Dory (not to be confused with Dora, though I like to think of myself as an explorer), she may be an amnesiac fish but she’s still a charming character…



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