Let it go

About two years ago, Juliette discovered Frozen. She was quickly bedazzled, as if Disney had its own magical power it was using to bewilder children from the moment their eyes set on the screen. For her third birthday, she wanted everything Frozen. We obliged of course, assuming that this phase would quickly be replaced by another short, yet intense fixation. Then, in her letter to Santa Claus almost a year later, she asked for a Frozen bicycle, a Frozen guitar, a Frozen lego castle... you get the picture. Juliette is now 4, and to my great desperation, is still a Frozen fanatic. No amount of Frozen wands, puzzles, dolls, cards or stickers seem to quench her thirst for everything Elsa and Anna. She loves books and has a very diverse library, but at night for her bedtime story she invariably goes back to her favourite tale (cleverly, Disney has multiplied its earnings by developing a number of spin off stories). We’ve read it so many times, that even Oscar points everywhere and yells “Anna, Anna!” The other night I told her to “let it go, let it go…”, but the irony was lost on her and she asked me if I didn’t like Frozen anymore. Heartbroken, I told her I would read her the story until the end of time, if that made her happy (conceal, don’t feel, don’t let her knooooooooow!) Bring on Frozen the sequel…

What cartoon is on repeat at your house?



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