Groundhog Day

Beep beep, beep beep… It’s 7:30am when the alarm goes off. Hang on a minute, let’s try that again. Papaaaaaaaa, papaaaaaaaa!!! Yes, that’s more like it. There is no alarm, our wakeup call comes from 2 little people with big voices, and every morning it’s at the same time. They call out for their father who lovingly prepares them their breakfast, whilst I try to sneak in 15 more minutes of precious sleep. I get up, I dress the kids, get them ready for school and day care, kiss them goodbye. It’s coffee time, mmmm. Then, the work day begins. Zing – youpi – argh – mmmm - woo-hoo – rush – tic-toc! Already? It’s 5pm, the kids are home, they take their bath with the babysitter whilst I scramble to finalise what I can. At 6:30 we are together again. We talk about their day over dinner, listen to music and sing lalalalalala. We brush teeth, swish swash, do one last toilet run before bed and wash hands. At 8pm we read a story, kiss, cuddle, and say goodnight. Then we kiss a few more times. I close the door, swoosh, and my little ones go to sleep until the next day, when we do it all over again. Beep beep, I mean, papaaaaaaaa!!!

Sound familiar? I like to call it the parenthood Groundhog Day. Yes, it’s repetitive, but when I pause and pay attention to every little ritual we have established, I realise it’s these simple moments I most want to remember. Booboom boobom booboom, goes my heart.



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