Feeling Hot Hot Hot

I lived in the southern hemisphere for the majority of my life, so naturally, I love summer and the heat. I have known extreme temperatures, but nobody does a canicule like the continental Europeans. The problem for me is, I no longer live next to the ocean or the sea. Not a minor detail when it comes to coping with a heatwave. In the last few weeks it has been hot, sometimes even suffocating. I love Paris, but when it’s 37 degrees, the breeze is missing in action and there’s no beach in sight for a refreshing dip, I become this dysfunctional, confused version of myself. As the Merrymen would say, “me mind on fire, me soul on fire, feeling hot hot hot…!” So I was logically concerned about how my kids would cope, fearing major toddler breakdowns. Thankfully, J & O managed really well during the thick of it, sleeping through the night with the mere help of a fan and only showing signs of unusual / irrational behaviour in the evenings, when the unrelenting heat understandably took its toll after a long sizzling day. It goes to show just how adaptable our little ones are, sometimes, even more so than us ! Happy hot holidays to all.



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