En anglais s’il vous plait

So you’re probably wondering why my journal is in English when the e-shop is only in French. Well, you already know some fundamental things about me… You know that I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, that I moved to Sydney, Australia when I was 10, and that for the last five years I have been living in Paris. That’s a good summary of the major geographical pin points of my life, but it neglects a number of other equally important details. My family was originally from Eastern and Western Europe. My mother was born in Chile. I have lived in Madrid, London and Rennes. I am one of those people who calls everywhere home, and nowhere home, who is happy anywhere, yet is always missing something. That person who is blessed to have friends in four corners of the world, but sometimes feels just that little bit lonely… Though I digress. I write in English because despite being fluent in two other languages, it is the one I feel most comfortable with, like that pair of old velvety slippers you dig out when the first days of winter finally arrive. If you’re French, please believe you speak or at least understand English better than you think (this is certainly my experience of French people), and allow me this indulgence. Please be advised that you may stumble upon some Franglais, or some expressions I have incorrectly translated from one language to the other, along the way. Yesterday I said, « c’est le chat qui se fout de la charité » to my entire family’s great amusement. This little eccentricity, is me.


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