Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Principles, they’re a wonderful thing, aren’t they? We all have them, we all swear by them, we all break them from time to time. Before having kids, I had a number of ideas about the kind of parent I wanted to be, the rules I felt the need to set and the values I thought important to uphold. Thankfully, B and I share the same ideas, and even more surprisingly, we have managed to remain true to them for both J & O… enfin, most of the time. Let’s take dummies for example. Not for us, we said, we don’t want to risk the potential dental and speech problems, besides, it doesn’t look very nice, we thought. Fast forward to having a newborn at home, and things looked very different. We made our first “exception” and created a rule that made us comfortable: dummy ok, but only at sleep time. We stuck to it, and applied the same rule to baby O 2 years later. Our kids will read books and play real games, we said, studies show that children who watch less tv have more imagination so we’ll limit technology, we thought. Fast forward to having a toddler and a newborn at home, and things looked very different. The perspective of sleeping an hour if we allowed little J to watch Frozen (cf Let it Go 22/02/17) while her brother napped was just too tempting for a sleep deprived parent to resist, and so we made another “exception”. The thing about principles is that they’re great in theory, but you only really know what you’re prepared to do when actually confronted with the situation. For us, discipline and consistency are important, but we’ve learned that sometimes flexibility and adjustment are equally as important, and to be less hard on ourselves when we allow something we don’t necessarily like to make our lives easier. As they say, in your life expect some trouble, when you worry you make it double, don’t worry, be happy…



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