Be my wingman

Over time I have had a number of discussions about the difference between working mums and stay at home mums. Often, I have been disappointed to see how quickly people categorise: if we work, we’re neglecting our children, if we don’t, we’re on one long holiday. Sometimes mothers themselves are the least tolerant of other mothers, assuming the grass is greener on the other side. The stigma makes it tough for mums to make a guilt-free choice, fearing judgement and doubting their own instincts. The reality is, each mothers’ situation has its own unique challenges, and no matter which path we choose, nothing comes without compromise for anyone. So let’s cut ourselves and each other some slack, because all any of us can really hope to do, is make the right choices based on what we believe is best for ourselves and our family. And the rest of the time, just wing it, like it’s a walk in the park Kazansky…



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